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At PreciousPetStatus, our mission is safe, real-time private engagement between parents/families and veterinarians and kennel pet caregivers and clinicians. Our mission is to connect families to their loved additional pet family members and provide peace of mind (and smiles…lots of them) when they cannot be together all the time.

The catalyst for PreciousPetStatus and PreciouStatus was born out of a near-tragedy in life. Just 2 months after giving birth to their son, Julie Newrai’s husband needed brain surgery due to a stroke. With her husband in rehab learning how to walk and talk again, and her son in childcare, what she found most challenging was to be in the know about her loved-ones’ welfare during the working day. At meetings with families and healthcare professionals, someone would inevitably say “I want PreciouStatus for our dog Duke.” We said, “Let’s make it happen,” and PreciousPetStatus was born.

Today many of those individuals along with many more happy users continue to provide valuable input to keep enhancing PreciouPetStatus’ already rich features, while in the process helping to maintain PreciousPetStatus’ “Best-in-Class” ranking.

Consistent with this mission, our aim has been to make it easy enough for any care facility, veterinarian, and animal hospital to be able to benefit from PreciouStatus’ award winning feature set, regardless of technology preference or socioeconomic status. For that reason in addition to plain old email/PC, we have made the investment to not only optimize PreciousPetStatus for both Android and Apple which make up over 95% of the smartphone market, but we have chosen to make it incredibly affordable for pet kennels, hospitals, and veterinarians, while keeping it free for the parents and loved ones.

Obviously the response to this policy has been tremendous and we could not be more pleased with the overwhelming support, while maintaining our 5×5 perfect user satisfaction score. The peace of mind and the happy hearts we’ve helped to garner is at the heart of our mission and we are fully committed to it.


PreciousPetStatus is grought to you from the team at PreciouStatus. We help families stay updated about the people and pets they love in care centers and facilities. Why? Life's too short. Help your clients connect to those they love. They'll love you for it.

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