The Love for My Dog

Perhaps it was the broken heart of losing my first amazing dog, Sally who passed away very early unexpectedly and sadly. Maybe it was the pure enjoyment of being in the backseat of the big old cars of the day riding to my parents business one arm over my most loved german shepherd Duke. Regardless, the unconditional love and always willingness to play ball or kick the can or pretty much anything including tossing a string tied me to loving my dog. I am quite certain that in addition to the love I, along with my brothers felt from Duke, the smart, fast runner, and fun-loving dog, he also likely saved the lives of and provided incredible security and peace of mind on many occasions to my dad and mother, who worked tirelessly in their 24/7 gas station and restaurants in I-90 interstate. While it has been over 20 years since Duke passed away, if I bring up his name or one of his fun activities to my brothers or parents, they immediately all get the same look in their eyes and an immediate smile.

It is with such pleasure to have the opportunity through PreciousPetStatus to be able to bring even more connection, photos, and updates to families about their ‘most loved’ animals in care facilities when they can’t be all together. It’s our mission at PreciousPetStatus to increase family engagement and love with their furry family members. It is the most fun and memorable memories I have as a kid growing up and ‘good ol’ Duke’ continues to bring love and happiness to our family just by him being Duke!

PreciousPetStatus is dedicated to all the great furry family members bringing such joy, safety, and memories to families across the globe. Most of all, PreciousPetStatus is dedicated to Sally and Duke for bringing such joy to my life.


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